Blessing from the Atlanta Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood

Dear leadership team of the Connect Conference,

Once, when He descended and confounded the tongues, the Most High divided the nations,
and when He divided the tongues of fire, He called all men to unity,
and with one accord, we glorify the All-holy Spirit.

Kontakion for Pentecost

It is with this understanding and the unity of the Holy Spirit, we are overjoyed to hear about the upcoming Connect Conference that you are so diligently preparing for.

With the blessings that you have received from His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios, the Metropolitan of Atlanta and from his brother hierarchs we too wanted to add our expression of encouragement and support for this important work you are undertaking.

In the midst of the fragmentation of our modern world, you are carrying out the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing together Orthodox Christian young adults through the Connect Conference. We pray and believe that the Lord will bless your efforts.

In Christ’s Service,

The members of the Atlanta Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood

Rev. Fr. Christos P. Mars                                        Rev. Fr. Stephen Ritter
President                                                                Vice President
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral             St. James Antiochian Orthodox Church

Rev. Fr. Barnabas Powell                                        Rev. Fr. George Acsente
Treasurer                                                                Secretary
S.S. Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Greek                S.S. Constantine and Helen Romanian
Orthodox Church                                                  Orthodox Church

Letter from the Atlanta Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood