Holy Week Reflections

Holy Week is fast approaching, and with it, the glorious Feast of Pascha! I pray you all have a blessed, peaceful and spiritually edifying Holy Week in preparation for the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As the Connect Committee continues its planning efforts by searching for another impressive lineup of speakers, we pause next week to reflect on what Connect means to each of us. As 12-year-old Sophia says in an article published last year by The Washington Post, “[Lent] is more about giving back than taking for yourself. It brings our whole community together.” That’s all Connect really is – an opportunity for young adult Orthodox Christians to come together with the common purpose of feeding one another and ensuring the preservation of Orthodoxy in America.

In the face of increasingly pervasive modern technology and nuanced social issues, many of us find that understanding our calling is becoming more and more difficult to discern. Let alone answering the call. This is the topic of the 2018 Connect Conference, Understanding Our Purpose.  

I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing how you strike a balance between professional, social and church-life. Early-Bird Registration opened this week at $185. We only have room for 150 participants, so register soon to secure your seat!

-Andrew Roden, Connect Leadership Coordinator